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About Us

About AMAK IT COMPANY And It's Innovative IT Solutions

AMAK IT SOLUTIONS UG LTD is a registered company with URSB that provides the best leading technological services around the globe. Your daily IT partner in every sector concerning computers.

Company history:

Established in 2022 Started as a medium-sized company at a rapid growth and expansion over the years

Mission and vision:
Mission: To make the complicated world simpler through technology as well as to provide innovative and reliable IT solutions to meet the needs of our customers
Vision: To be a leader in the IT industry and provide exceptional customer service, support in Uganda

Products and services:

Software development, IT consulting, cloud computing, networking, graphics designing, architectural designs, delivery, cyber security, data management, etc.


Serves a wide range of businesses / industries and over 58K of satisfied customers.


10years of experience in the IT industry, List of specific areas of expertise, include software development, cloud computing, cyber security, website development, networking, etc. Awards and recognitions: [List of awards and recognitions received, e.g. "Best IT Company of the Year", "Top Cloud Provider", etc.] Team: Experienced and knowledgeable management team, 5 of highly skilled IT professionals continuously up skilling and learning to stay ahead in the industry
Partnerships and collaborations: Collaborates with leading technology companies to provide cutting-edge solutions Partners with Kasu Light Uganda Ltd

Contact information:

Address: Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256705356317 / +256788292013



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